Fall Pond

Dear Gluggums,
Ron sent this photo of his pond. Three years ago he called the PonDoc to fix his cattail weed infested algae pit and this is what we did. Actually Ron and his boys with his mate Pete hauled buckets of gravel to form the pond engines and planted several thousand sedge. Yesterday he said, “Pond looking good Jim. Fish doing great. Thanks for making it beautiful!!!” I did not do it. It was purely a personal effort on his part. He did admit “Just need to follow Doctors orders!!!”.

It is not orders but a guide, The Pond Keepers Guide: How to make a self-managing pond using nature’s components using eight steps:
1. River Run Rock Shore
2. Plant Shore
3. Deciduous Log
4. Diffused Air
5. Fish
6. Crayfish
7. Bird Houses
8. A Chair

One of the most important components for a pond is a “chair”. If you read the guide and sit in the chair, you become one of the most integral portions of the pond. You enter the ecology. Because many top predators are dangerous to have around a property, you must fill that role. Further, because you created this ecology, YOU are a part of it and need habitat. Some prefer gazebos. A chair will do (a cooler, fishing pole…).

I posted Ron’s pond full size. Click on it and enter his world. See what you can do with a few years. This is the point, “Use your time wisely.” In eight simple steps, you can. Do all of them and within three years, you will have a nice refuge.

Gluggie, why not do this as a boy or girl first discovering nature? Make this play running around catching grasshoppers for bait. Strip naked and take a dip, why not? This is the joy of PonDocing. You give the freedom to yourself to do something that you will forever enjoy. Watch out froggie, kids love to catch you!

Lovingly Gluggers,

PonDoc        from the pond

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