Pond Docing

Dear Sleepy Frog,
You and I first started our conversations over twenty years ago. I decided to learn what a fishery was and how to construct one. I took degrees in pathogenic microbiology and biochemistry and previously worked in veterinary vaccines to prevent disease in fish. I soon discovered the intent of the fishery was not working. Natural fisheries (Bristol Bay) were working extremely well; whereas, the Oregon fishery was failing. Why?

The only water I could use to look at the fishery was back yard ponds. Because, in biology microcosms reflect macrocosms, whatever I discovered in the back yard was applicable to the entire ecosystem. Exactly what I found was it takes everything to form a fishery. We have degraded the natural fishery where we must provide these structures. I discovered that anyone could do it and developed a recipe to make a healthy self-managing pond (fishery). You are empowered to make these dramatic changes. You discover who is at the controls (you are).

In The Pond Keepers Guide, I describe the components of a pond (indeed all fisheries) that can be installed using eight steps:
1. River run gravel is placed for habitat and planting substrate, shore stabilization and bottom habitat.
2. A dead deciduous log is floated at the surface in the sun near the shore; split in places; planted; and allowed to rot.
3. The shoreline pond engine is planted using slough sedge as a base plant. Continual planting of trees and shore plants achieves healthy diversity.
4. Provide aeration with diffused air, barley straw and pond bacteria.
5. Stock with disease free fish; warm and/or cold water fishes.
6. Stock with crayfish, the bottom top predator and pond cleaner.
7. Build bird houses for song birds and the queen of the sky, the barn owl.
8. And because you are a part of the ecology, build a dock for you with a long peaceful path around the pond with chairs here and there.

Froggie, this simple recipe takes care of all of habits of this planet making space for everything from bacteria to humans. All are important in achieving health and most importantly frog, you can do it yourself. Sleep well dearest Gluggums; now is a good time to dream about a nice house.

PonDoc            from the pond


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