Winter Pond

Good Night Dear Froggie,

The pond and you are going to sleep. PonDoc isn’t. It is time to get ready for next year! Through-out the winter, bare root plants are available. These are inexpensive trees and shrubs. Willows can be staked. Because most of the invading vegetation (canary reed grass) has died down, you can easily plant over it. Further, most of the nursery stock is inexpensive this time of year. Time to get busy.

It is not too early to consider barley straw. Onion bags and hemp biodegradable bags can be packed and stored for the first warm days of the winter; the earlier the start, the better the result. Now is the time to scoop-up the remnants of last year’s barley and place it next to your log. If you don’t have a log, now is a good time to place one. A deciduous “sweet” log that is easily decomposed is best.

Your pond will go to sleep now but will awaken in the spring with new plants and a new structure. If you read “The Pond Keepers Guide” during the winter and install the components this winter, next year you will notice huge changes in your pond. It is simple. The simplicity is astounding. It looks entirely normal and that is because it is ‘what is’; Mother Nature’s. The book shows you how to do this in eight easy steps.

My concern through the years is our government agencies responsible for our waters cannot see what is necessary to have a fisheries. Simply it is everything in eight easy steps defined in “The Pond Keepers Guide”. For some unknown reason, fisheries scientist cannot see a pond as a microcosm of the entire fishery. All water is the same. You as a pond owner can use this power and so can our fisheries agencies. And most of the work can occur in the winter.

Good Night Froggie. I will be taking care of you this winter so you may sleep tight. Hope you awaken to a healthy frog house in the spring with a new ecology for your enjoyment.


PonDoc                                                                                                     from the pond
The Pond Keepers Guide, the complete how to guide.

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