Pond Awakens

Hey Froggy!

Tell Pan it is time to tune the pipes.  Congregate and bless the Spring!  There is an awaking noted over eons of time.  Spring first starts with a bloom of algae.  Then the insects, frogs and newts appear.  An explosion occurs and it is dependent on temperature.  The magic temperature is 55 F or 12 C.  When the temperature approaches 55 pond life begins.  This is the temperature at which complex life exists, the invertebrates.  Their ancient relatives the myriad of fungi, bacteria and algae, the single cell organisms can grow at very low temperatures but prefer 55 degree days and above.  As Sol heats Pan in his sleep, an awaking occurs where the world comes alive.

What do we do?  I have talked about this in all of my blogs; the method mimics the natural environment.  It is a relatively simple list on the back of The Pond Keepers Guide.  They are river run rock the shore, plant the shore, place a dead deciduous log half in and out of the water, add barley straw, bottom diffused aeration and bacteria, fish, crayfish, bird houses and a chair.

Pan, the Nymphs dance in such a place; and my dear Froggie you have a home.  This pond glade is exactly the home where the ancient frolic occurs.  Our lives turn toward romance and feasting.  Time to get busy; there are babies to birth, crops to sow and dances to the coming Spring!

Perhaps the best occupation this time of year is for you to sit in your pond chair thinking about how wonderful the pond is.  Don’t forget a path to nowhere where your spirit can thrive.  Keep your concerns simple and your pond will be a happy place.

Love you Froggy,

PonDoc                                                                 from the pond


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