Pond Geology

Pond Geology


Have you ever wondered why things are shaped as they are?  Why do trees look like trees? Or mountains look the way they do?  There is a reason.  Everything we see is made of either polymers of carbon or silicon.  They both have exactly the same symmetry forming perfect cubic bonding.  We are seeing the fractal edges of the polymers of silicon and carbon that are not straight edges (look at your body or a tree).  Tree lines and mountains have the same symmetry.

All of the ponds I see made by man have uniform shorelines.  This is not natural.  We live in boxes with flat floors and straight walls.  The rest of Nature doesn’t for very good reasons.  If you construct your shoreline copying a tree line (or mountain line), you do not get erosion.  Waves cannot hit the shore directly and are deflected reducing their energy.  Breaking up wave action causes turbulence that reduces evaporation.

Additionally and as important, if you make the shore line follow an indirect line, the shore circumference is larger than a circumference describing a circle.  This undulation if planted will act as cooling fins for the pond.  You create more internal surface area for respiration.

Many pond owners tell me they want the “clean look”.  This boggles me because I immediately think “Since when did you get a choice?”  We Americans believe we can vote on everything.  Mother Nature neither cares nor gives you a vote.  If you use fractal design, your pond will not be a rectangle or oval. It will look and be natural.  If you go for the “clean look” your pond will be continually in trouble: silting, water loss, and erosion.

So Gluggy, you green slick skinned varmint, we live in a fuzzy cubic symmetry fractal round world that has no edges.  And because every mountain line and tree line we look at is the same, we cannot see it.  Look across the valley to the ridge or tree line and make your shore like that.  Froggie, it will be a “designer house”!!!

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  1. I have always been fascinated about nature and how it works. I realize that nature works in wonders and it has more to it than just beauty. Nature is the main reason why I am studying geology, to understand how our Earth works, to preserve wildlife for future generations and to come up with solutions on how to solve the problems that we humans have caused. Humans have reaped our Mother Earth and now it is time we solved that.

    Pond geology is an interesting way of taking care of nature and as I read through your post I see that if we start taking care of things in a small scale then we can branch out to bigger dimensions. Why should we go for the “cleaner look”? That is a very good question. I mean nature is already perfect as it is!

    Ponds are vulnerable to pollution and they have a hard time dealing with heavy loads of nutrients which often come from human dense areas such as cities. Nutrients often end up in ponds as a result of over-use of fertilizers, which is another topic. By preserving and protecting ponds we are saving fish life like crayfish, salamanders and newts and we also save plants that grow around the pond.


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