Letters to the Frog from PonDoc

Worried about early pond algae?

Dear Glug,

Spring is coming and I am getting my first calls.  The first algae are showing.  The human froggies are asking “What do I do?” “It looks ugly.”  PonDoc says, “Do nothing; it is the natural order of life”.  Algae are called primary producers being what everything on the planet eats first.  Algae colonies are the size of oceans and produce the first meal for microscopic crustaceans.  The crustaceans are very complex and do not appear until the temperature rises to above 55.

We are getting ahead of ourselves. Spring isn’t here.  However, there is a natural progression to life in a pond and I hope to explain how water works with life to create one of the most pleasant places on Earth: the back yard pond albeit an acre or two.

Water works the same be it a drop or an ocean.  Water is special being near gas in density where the atmosphere contains a huge amount of water on this planet (rivers and lakes).  Life forms are heavy and sink to the bottom of oceans and ponds.  How this all works is a complex system and what we will be discussing.

You cannot look at a pond as any one thing.  Ponds are water with a lot of structures.  Habitat structures for the life forms need to be added to the pond so the system will work.  This is called an eco-system.  It is constructed with very complex parts that are around us.  We see them every day and need to understand how they work together.

I know dearest Glug, you have not awakened.  Sleep well knowing breakfast salad is ready.  I will write again to tell you how to set the house for spring so when you wake you will have a comfortable house full of groceries.

PonDoc    from the pond

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