The Pond Keepers Guide


It is Spring!!!

The Pond Keepers Guide  describes all of the techniques I have described thus far in the blog.  However, I have not talked about leaks and specific weeds.  Water management is as much about maintaining a volume as it is maintaining its quality; both are related.  As described, a pond system is all of these to make a good frog house, eh?

The book is the culmination of twenty years study of ponds.  The basic question was “What is necessary for a healthy pond?”  Because ponds are closed systems, the entire ecology and geology of the pond required study.  The answers were basic and could be achieved with little expense.  Primary to the idea was to grow your pond to health using Nature’s components.  Nature closes the system; however, usually with algae and weeds.  Replacing these weeds with plants beneficial to water quality was the answer.  The plant kingdom is huge where water plants are a large portion.  Therefore selection of these plants is critical.  I cannot describe this in a blog but it is easy to do in a book.  In a few pages of plant instructions, you can completely restore your pond.

You froggies are the most important part of the restoration.  You must become aware of your environment and the impact you are having on it.  This simple instruction manual will do this for you.  However, the only way to accomplish a restoration is to put muscle to shovel…

By entering your environment, you become more aware of what you need to make yourself more comfortable.  You will collect the plants and animals necessary to make a healthy environment for yourself as well as for those around you.  You become a wonderful neighbor.  If you need a little guidance, email me or go to the website to see more about the book.

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