Birds Bees Flowers & Trees

Glug Froggie, Ancient Chinese written 3,000 years ago on bamboo describes birds being good for ponds.  Birds normally roost over water and their droppings fall into the water.  Speculatively, because birds eat mainly cellulose, the microflora of birds has cellulose digesters.  These are natural pond bacteria. The pond bird ecosystem is extremely complex and requires … Read more Birds Bees Flowers & Trees

Pond Fishery

Dearest Green Gluggums, Most ponds are built by fishing enthusiasts.  It is always the first question I get, “What kind of fish can I have?”  Because a pond fishery is so much more than fish and water, this is a difficult question as most ponds are little more.  A fishery needs a balanced ecology to … Read more Pond Fishery