Pond Aeration

Dear Glug, The most misunderstood concept among pond owners is aeration. The reason is most frogs that breathe air don’t understand the gas laws. Dr. Boyle (1662) found the entire planet and all on it depends on a simple equation: PV = PV. The equation means the pressure times the volume of one gas in … Read more

Pond Politics

Dear Glug, In The Pond Keepers Guide” the conclusion is a fishery needs all components of Nature including proper geology and respiration. The motivation to determine what a “fishery” is came from working in the scientific fishery for many years. I realized many of the premises of the fishery were incorrect. Why do we consider … Read more

The Pond Keepers Guide

Glug, It is Spring!!! The Pond Keepers Guide  describes all of the techniques I have described thus far in the blog.  However, I have not talked about leaks and specific weeds.  Water management is as much about maintaining a volume as it is maintaining its quality; both are related.  As described, a pond system is … Read more

Pond Willow

Glug dear, The most powerful water management plant is the willow.  You can terriform with it.  Within minutes you can change the course of a stream or river just by taking cuttings and sticking them in the shore rocks and soil.  Willow is a necessary component of ponds.  They respire cooling the pond, act as … Read more

Pond Log

Gluggers, In this blog and the next, I will discuss the two most powerful components of ponds that cost nothing: a dead log and willow.  Human froggies do not recognize the importance of a good rotting log in the pond.  Frog, it is my hardest sell.  I tell them “Get a log!” It doesn’t cost … Read more