Pond Economics

Gluggie, “Help PonDoc, my pond has weeds and I cannot afford to fix it!” Ha! Mother Nature provides all. Money is the least of your problems. Weeds come from nutrients. As you know, they flow down-hill. Often yards are constructed around ponds and fertilized. This fertilizer flows into the pond and the weeds are fed … Read more

Pond Components

Dear Glug, You cannot have fish unless you make a fishery. To have fish, you need all of the pond components. This is called an eco-system and is composed of plants and animals. The plants are the “primary producers” and are in balance with animals, the “primary decomposers”. This is a biological system; and for … Read more


Dearest Gluggy, Landscaping is often artificial requiring a lot of care. All of the plants and animals for landscaping and our pets once had a purpose in a distant past eco-system. And that purpose was often that the plant did have a flower, looked better than the average, tasted good, had a wonderful odor and … Read more

Pond Temperature Control

Dear Frog, Having a lot of trees and water plants next to a pond will keep the water cool. Each square meter of respiring plants next to the pond will remove 1 BTU/hr of heat from the pond. However, new ponds that do not have trees and water plants need this cooling too. To do … Read more

World Ponds

Dear Gluggers, The water management shown in this blog is applicable anywhere in the world. Drought and water crisis are occurring in many places e.g. South Africa, Australia and the southwest U.S. The techniques outlined in “The Pond Keepers Guide” will work in any waterway or pond. In places where the only potable water is … Read more