Pond Trees

Dear Frog, I am back on the road this season. Wonderful!!  I am visiting hamlets of heaven: back yard ponds. One of the major problems of most man-made ponds is a lack of a canopy. All natural waterways and ponds have trees and shrubs next to their shores. More specifically, they have hydrophilic plants that … Read more

Pond Water Management

Dearest Gluggums, “Help PonDoc I have a leak!” I ask, how big of leak? “Oh, I know it is going down.” You don’t. You must calculate and find out. It is relatively simple. All bodies of water evaporate into the atmosphere at about 660 gallons (2,500 liters) of water per day per quarter acre and … Read more

Pond Nutrition

Dear Frog, Because people eat gluttonously they think that everything else does too. Most of the animals and plants in our environment hibernate a good portion of the year dormant and when active require only a meal or two. Your fish do not need feed nor do your plants need fertilizer. Put your pond on … Read more