Pond Restoration


I know you have lived in bad frog houses.  Your cousin, the newt often is the first inhabitant in mud bottom dead ponds.  How do you make a good frog house?  PonDoc has very easy methods to restore a pond.  I have touched on each of these methods in previous blogs so will link them to each subject.

River Run Rock Shore: This provides habitat for thousands of pond animals and makes a place for a Pond Engine to plant sedge.

Plant Shore: You will have the engine to run the ponds physics. It provides a planting space for water plants that cool the water and allow the pond to respire.  You should plant trees and shrubs too.

Deciduous Log: Split and plant grass in a dead “sweet wood” log that is allowed to rot at pond edge in the air. This is habitat for invertebrates. Their primary diet is algae and you might attract a turtle.

Diffused Air: Provide bottom diffused aeration with bacteria and cellulose barley straw substrate.  Aeration replaces the natural flora at the shore so the pond can respire while the plants mature.

Fish: Plant disease free fish.

Crayfish: Transplant crayfish.  Either buy or catch local crayfish.  Do not use exotic crayfish.

Bird Houses: Build bird houses and feeding platforms including nectar stations.

A Chair:  Provide people ecology because this pond is for you: Install a dock, tables and chairs

“PonDoc what do I do first?”  The pond needs all of these to function.  This is the minimum to create a closed system so my answer is “All of them”.  However, if performed in the winter, most ponds will awake in the spring restored and healthy.  You cannot expect a homeostatic balance to establish immediately. Within three years the pond will mature.

Gluggy, isn’t this what you want?  Your pond can be a great frog house for you and the relatives.  Even newts find a home here.  Take it from the PonDoc, some heavy carbon cycle, nitrogen cycle, hydraulics and physics are involved with a fair amount of biology.  What this humble doctor found was a good pond requires everything and it is right around us.  You have to walk it to the pond closing the system.

PonDoc      from the pond


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