Pond Politics

Dear Glug,

In The Pond Keepers Guide” the conclusion is a fishery needs all components of Nature including proper geology and respiration. The motivation to determine what a “fishery” is came from working in the scientific fishery for many years. I realized many of the premises of the fishery were incorrect. Why do we consider what we are doing as performing “fishery”?

We live in a republic that rules through “legalism” where a group of people determine what is correct and “legal”. Therefore, we have created many bureaucracies based on this philosophy. Some of them are in The Department of the Interior that covers the forestry and the fishery. We legalized using our forests as a harvestable crop that we sell, kill and seem to believe we can replant (a million year-old forest?). Likewise, we have created fish and wildlife departments that sell licenses to kill our wildlife resources (?). To create a fishery our governments operate fish hatcheries that use huge amounts of feed leading to too much nutrients killing our rivers (?). Our Department of Agriculture operates the Soil and Water Conservation Districts without seeing when natural mountain streams enter farm land they become sewers (the above pictured pond).

You see Gluggie, PonDoc doesn’t understand the rhetoric of national politics that influence where you and I live. The only way to improve our environment is to do it ourselves. If you need a practical method, read on. I use practical scientific knowledge leading to a healthy environment.

The one given in all of our politics is each individual can make a difference! You can do this froggy. I have performed this over and over where nothing is more rewarding than receiving an email saying “Thank-you Jim”. My heart swells; got a happy healthy frog.

PonDoc    from the pond


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