Summer Pond


It is so wonderful to have another beautiful summer. My pond owners are complaining. In the middle of the summer, a pond can be as good as it gets or as bad. And there is nothing a PonDoc can do now. The reason is the metabolism of the pond is at full tilt. Everything is growing, blooming, and reproducing as fast as it can. So what is the answer?

Think towards the future. There is much that a pond owner can do. It is now easy to install an aerator rather than in March. It is also easy to find barley straw directly after the harvest. It is easy to find that dead deciduous log. There is much to be done in the summer but only in preparation for the future. You are marshaling your attack. Like all battles, a direct frontal attack is often the worst tactic. You cannot kill weeds and expect the nutrients they release will not return as algae. Therefore, you must remove the nutrients the weeds use. This is a long term process as slow as growing grass (sedge) and trees for shade.

Within three years great progress can be made. Just knowing what to do often starts the process to health. Principally this is energy control, either chemical or sun light control. Because a pond is so much more than water, you must supply the habitat for all inhabitants. This includes river run rock and woody substrate for the invertebrates in the pond.

Froggie, you have to know what to do. That is why having The Pond Keepers Guide and calling the PonDoc is important. You need to know. And once you do, your pond will be as good as it gets in the summer time. Glory be!!!

PonDoc             from the pond


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