Pond Climate

Dearest Froggie,
As a professional PonDoc, I look at the dialogue concerning man-made climate change with some amusement. It has government and huge environmental movements making a lot of noise and doing nothing. I know my soap box is about as useful. The reason is basically human. When a pond is owned by more than one stakeholder, nothing is accomplished. The same is true of multiple stakeholders in the environment. I propose to stop yelling about it and YOU do something. Take individual responsibility! The entire planet can be restored using the following easy steps all outlined in The Pond Keepers Guide.

River Run Rock Shore: This provides habitat for thousands of pond animals and makes a place for a Pond Engine to plant sedge.
Plant Shore: You will have the engine to run the ponds physics. It provides a planting space for water plants that cool the water and allow the pond to respire. You should plant trees and shrubs too.
Deciduous Log: Split and plant grass in a dead “sweet wood” log that is allowed to rot at pond edge in the air. This is habitat for invertebrates. Their primary diet is algae and you might attract a turtle.
Diffused Air: Provide bottom diffused aeration with bacteria and cellulose barley straw substrate.
Aeration replaces the natural flora at the shore so the pond can respire while the plants mature.
Fish: Plant disease free fish.
Crayfish: Transplant crayfish. Either buy or catch local crayfish. Do not use exotic crayfish.
Bird Houses: Build bird houses and feeding platforms including nectar stations.
A Chair: Provide people ecology because this pond is for you: Install a dock, tables and chairs for you.

The rest of the environment will follow. Froggie, go for a solution, don’t talk about it! The only way to save our environment is to grow our way there. Plant a tree and nurture what we have. This summer has been extremely rewarding. Thousands of plants have multiplied into hundreds of thousands of plants. Trees grew and the birdies sing. PonDocing is worth every minute of every hour of everyday of my seven decades.


PonDoc                               from the pond

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